Brazil – The Douglas Family

Bro. Douglas reports that the theme for their church this year will be to focus on Christ. Each month, he is planning a new verse which will point to living for Christ. As the COVID-19 virus has closed down essential services in their communities, Bro. Douglas believes the Lord divinely inspired the need for the congregation to keep their gaze on Christ and not on the circumstances around them.

He also writes: “In February, a deaf church member, Ana, urgently asked our church to pray for a deaf young woman, Joana, who was about to kill herself at that moment. She lives in the state of Piaui, in northern Brazil near the ocean. We prayed that the Lord spare her, because she is not saved. The Lord answered our prayers and saved her from killing herself. On March 4th, Ana set up a group video call with Rebecca Bennett, our missionary co-worker, and Joana, so that Rebecca could share the Gospel with her. Joana got saved that night! Praise the Lord! Joana has a couple of deaf friends who live with her that also need to be saved. She asked me to share the Gospel with Aldair, a deaf young man. He believes that he was saved through baptism, which is very common here. I explained why baptism does not save us and started to witness to him with flashcards. After three hours of witnessing through the video call, he got saved early that morning on March 9th! Joana and Aldair were so excited and wanted their friend Adelane, who was asleep that night to hear the Gospel, too. So, Ana set up another group video call, with her being present, while I witnessed to Adelane, the deaf young woman. She got saved two nights later!”

Brazil – The Gerwitz Family

Bro. Gerwitz reports that they have had an explosion in attendance in the church there. Many first-time visitors coming out to services. In January they saw four individuals saved and several more raised their hands, wanting more information about salvation. They also have six individuals working on Bible studies. Please pray as Bro. Gerwitz, along with Bro. Paulo Castelan, prepare to lead the church while the missionary who established the church returns home on furlough. Pray that the members will continue to be faithful in the absence of their beloved pastor.

Netherlands – The Krehs

Bro. Kreh writes: “As the threat from the Covid-19 becomes more publicized here, people are becoming more receptive to talking on the street. Last week, I had a 20-minute conversation with a man. I gave him several tracts and a clear presentation of the Gospel. He had tears in his eyes, but was so hard that he would not trust Jesus Christ as his savior. It was a real heartbreaker for me, seeing him walk away still lost and on the way to Hell. There was also a good conversation with a Muslim man who was counting on being a “good person” to be right with God. He also heard a clear gospel presentation and said he would take tracts and read them. Yesterday, we were waiting for our train with a man from church. He told me the Lord wanted him to give a couple close by a tract, to which I said, “Go give them a tract!” They took it, we got on the train, and at the next stop, the couple tracked us down and told us they had been looking for a good church and wanted more information. They said they were planning to attend this week.”

Mexico – The Ortiz Family

Bro. Ortiz reports that they have been battling with lice, mice and shingles on the home front, but they are not discouraged; knowing that none of those is worth losing one’s soul over. Bro. Ortiz is healing from the shingles, the mice are under control and they have found an easy remedy for lice elimination that is quick and effective.

He also writes: “In addition, a great opportunity in San Miguel has opened through a man named Julio. He is related to several of the church folk, and we recently started visiting his home with Gospel messages. He seems hungry and close to receiving the Lord. What is really exciting is that he, of his own accord, invited two of his sisters and several of his nephews to take our study. Nine people showed up, and we were invited back again. Pray God saves the whole family!”

Missionaries to the Deaf World – The Francinis

Bro. Francini writes: “In February, I was able to meet a deaf man and his two roommates that began with a phone call from a local Hospice facility. His name is Douglas; he can sure use your prayers, as he is terminally ill. It was a blessing to see him say he was saved, and this was during his time in Ohio under the ministry of John Clark, a Deaf preacher. It is a small world, as I knew John Clark and praise God for Clark’s faithfulness and Douglas’s salvation. The other two have not seemed interested in visiting the church or discussing the Lord, but please keep them in prayer. We were able to go out several times during the month knocking on doors, talking to people, and sharing God’s love…”

South Africa – The Fosters

The Fosters shared a wonderful testimony of the impact that the Christian school has had on the community. One family, in particular, has been very helpful to the work at the school and the daughter, Monique, has been using her experiences to reach the young ladies in the church. In the letter, Bro. Jim recounts Monique’s testimony and how she has been able to use it to share the Gospel with others. He also shares how Monique’s father, Frank, was able to share the Gospel as a result of his daughter’s accident and that he, Frank, was instrumental in leading several to the Lord. Monique graduated from the school and now volunteers there.

Turks and Caicos Islands – The Valles Family

Bro. Valles writes: “I was bringing some food to a sick friend. As I drove up, I noticed that he was sitting outside his house talking to someone in a parked car. It was a normal occurrence. I handed him some food and he happily began eating it to his heart’s content. I turned to the vehicle and recognized the lady inside. We began talking about a variety of topics including problems with the country: opioids, abuse, crime, and on and on. Soon, she began blaming the churches for not doing enough, and saw them as the solution to the problem. I knew she is a government official. Many people here blame the churches for not doing enough in the community. They want church programs and they view the churches as social justice warriors who are not doing their jobs. I interjected that the church is not to blame and began emphasizing that the real solution is knowing Jesus as their personal Savior, not the church. She told me she goes to church but is discouraged because her church is not keeping up with the times and is not fighting against social problems with modern programs. I began witnessing to her, and she instantly zoned out. She said she was saved, but only mentioned baptism and good works as her salvation. I gently began to share the Gospel with her, but I could tell that she was not interested in anything I had to say on the topic. Please pray for her and other government officials that they would see Christ as the answer to the problems and trust Him as their Savior.
Another day, I was knocking on a door where I thought Bono, a Haitian, lived. The door opened, but it was not Bono. It was another Haitian man. He said that Bono lived around the side of the small building through another door. The whole building, with 3 separate living quarters, is about 20 ft by 20 ft. He showed me the door where Bono lived, but the door was locked. I began talking to the man in Creole, as he did not know any English, and I asked him where he would go if he died. He replied that he would go to Heaven because God told Him he would go there. I witnessed to him for a few minutes but quickly realized I was not getting anywhere with him. I gave him a Creole tract and asked him if he can read. He cannot, but he said he knows someone who can read it to him. Many of the Haitian adults here not only know little or no English, but many of them have very little education, and they can’t read their own language.”