Bolivar, PA – The Lints

“Over the past few months, we have had a new lady coming to the church as much as she is able. She turned 90 recently and so with the winter and some health problems she did not make it church regularly, but we are blessed each time she comes…


Lifeline Baptist Seamen Ministry – The Muscotts

“This month, I took Brother James from our church with me to board some ships and we were invited to eat a dessert cake with the crew onboard a predominately Filipino vessel. While waiting for the crew to be relieved for dinner, an old light-skinned man walked into the room and we began a usual conversation. I always like to ask them where they are from and then ask them to help me learn some of their language. Upon learning that this man was from Athens, Greece I greeted him with a “Yiasoo File” (Hello Friend). His face lit up with excitement at the familiar sound of his heart language (though I think I butchered it). He gladly offered to help me learn more of his language, so I jumped at the opportunity to have him help me with Romans 5:8, a verse I “learned” while on my mission trip to Thessalonica. After conversing for a while, he told us in broken English something about being 50 years… I just nodded my head in agreement as if I was not surprised how rough he looked for 50 years old. Then he said, “I am now 73 years old.” What?!? “Yes.” He replied. “I have been a seafarer now for 50 years and now I am 73 years old.” Wow! So this month we got to witness the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ to an “Ancient Greek!” Please pray for his salvation.”

“Haylee and I boarded a Filipino/Bulgarian vessel and we were surprised to learn that the 2nd officer was a 27-year-old Filipino lady. She was very sweet and enjoyed Haylee’s company but you could tell that this seafaring life is not health for her or any woman. It seems to us that out of the few women seafarers we’ve met, there are only two reasons for their employment in this occupation: no husband to provide for them in a very poor economy, or they are rebellious and found this to be the only way out from their parent’s authority. Either case is a sad one. Please pray for Temphanne.

“Also, I had a VERY good conversation with a Russian man named Alekzandyr. Please understand, … that the war in Ukraine is not any easier on the Russian families than it is for the Ukrainians.  Alekzandyr had a very tender heart toward the things of God and was very glad to receive a Russian Bible. Please pray for him.”


Harbor Evangelism International – The Tillmans

“We are happy to announce that God has given us the ability to open a new prolife center in a very busy area of UlaanBaatar. We were able to purchase the apartment last week after many months of searching and following God’s directions in choosing the place that He wanted it to be. God led us to this location because of the heavy foot traffic that passes by the front door daily…”

“Even though we are involved in many outreaches and church works, God is truly blessing the prolife area of our ministry with growth. Because of the volume of young ladies that come in our centers we can reach so many that are lost and need Christ. God has supplied us with the needed ultrasound machines, Bibles, New Testaments, thousands of Beanie Babies, all the prolife teaching accessories to help them understand that unborn babies are God(s) creation. God has given us good Mongolian Christian counselors to help lead them to Christ…”


Turks & Caicos – The Valles Family

“Seven years ago, Darlene, a lady in our church, had been sentenced to 20 years in prison. There was no proof that she was guilty of the crime that she was accused of committing. Her husband was first accused, and was thrown in prison for a few weeks, also without proof of guilt. Meanwhile, their 3-year-old son had been placed with another family. After serving just three years of her sentence, Darlene was released. There was still no proof she committed the crime she was accused of. Recently, the government has begun allowing this family to have custody of their child, once again, on the weekends. John R. and Darlene bring their son, Gino, to church with them. Please pray for this family as they heal from these tragedies. We have seen multiple families here: some are ripped apart; others rip themselves apart. Though Satan does all he can to destroy families, God has the power to restore them. It is encouraging to watch God put the pieces back together.”

“Kenton, a young man, trusted Christ as his Savior recently. We are also seeing some spiritual growth among several of our church people. Some are learning to apply God’s word in their life. Some are being discipled. Others are attending services more faithfully, and others are beginning to have a burden for the lost. Please pray for souls to be saved, and for the saved to grow. One of our men, 51, shared the Gospel with two ladies the other day. That was the first time in his life he had ever shared the Gospel. He was so excited afterward. Please pray for our laborers.”