Germany – The Dukes

“Saturday morning, I met with Michael for breakfast. We began talking, and the Lord let me tell him more about Jesus! I asked Michael if he was ready to ask the Lord Jesus Christ to save him; he said yes, so we bowed together in prayer. That day, Michael became a new man in Christ! It was encouraging to see him in church the next day! Michael has already hit a few bumps, but is still with us!”


Germany – The Klaus’

“July and August are always jam packed with the preparation for our Kinder- und Jugendfreiziet (children/teen camp) in the Bavarian Forest. This year we took along 3 counselors and 15 young people from our church. Three of our young people made decisions for Christ during this week, and we are looking forward to seeing the Lord help them in their growth and spiritual development…”

“This has also been a year for baptisms! The day we left for camp, a young man who has grown up in our church was baptized. (He is 18 years old.) We had been praying for him for quite a while… Also, I mentioned in previous letters that we have several ladies in the church with unsaved husbands. This summer, Thomas trusted Christ as Savior and this past Sunday was baptized! …”


Harbor Evangelism International – The Tillmans

“Once a year we rent a camping area that is owned by a Christian missionary organization out of Seoul Korea. They rent it to different church groups to have meetings each year usually during the summer months. It is situated about 1 hr. outside the capital city on the banks of the Tuul river. It accommodates around 500 people with an enclosed eating hall and covered sleeping areas… During the day, like church camps in the U.S., we have fun and games, and in the early evening we have gospel meetings and all in attendance must come to the evening service…

This year we had 27 professions of faith (262 were in attendance) and the same were baptized…

In the coming months we will hold discipleship class with Tengis teaching the class…”


Lawrence, MA – The Stelzigs

“The last couple of months have been filled with activity for us and our church family. From June 28 – July 5 we had the See the Harvest missions team with us for a week of non-stop ministry. Each night Wednesday thru Friday we had special services with bi-lingual preachers. It was such a blessing for our increasingly Hispanic church to hear preaching in Spanish. Duey Whitfield, a Spanish-speaking pastor in Texas and Raul Pinto, a bilingual evangelist were both such a help and encouragement to our church.

Throughout the week, the team distributed materials advertising evangelistic children’s events at our local park on Friday and Saturday. Between Friday and Saturday, we had about 30 children, most of which do not attend our church. All of the children and their parents heard clear gospel presentations. We even had some of them visit our special services in the evenings and on Sunday.

In all the missions team was able to distribute about 3800 pieces of gospel literature in the neighborhood around the park and at two local fireworks displays…”

“…our church is becoming more and more Hispanic. The Lord has given us two men who are able to help translate our services into Spanish and all congregational singing is bilingual. It is an awesome thing to hear God’s people singing His praises in two languages at once. Ministering to Spanish speakers has been a huge blessing, but Lindsey and I have been severely limited in this as neither of us speaks much Spanish.

Starting in August, Lindsay and I will begin studying Spanish via Zoom with a Peruvian pastor… This is going to be a huge undertaking but we are confident that the Lord will give grace and wisdom as we seek to equip ourselves for the ministry to which He has called us.”


Lifeline Baptist Seamen – The Muscotts

“I boarded a Filipino vessel and began to witness to the watchman on deck. I showed him 1 John 5:13: These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may KNOW that ye have eternal life. Jose, do you KNOW that you are going to heaven when you die? “YES!” He replied. “How do you know?” I asked. Then he answered, “Because Jesus Christ dies on the cross for my sins and I believed on Him to save me!? WOW! Not too often I hear that reply. We were able to talk for a while about the Lord, and I encouraged him to take some tracts and distribute them to his fellow crew members…”


Micronesia – The Peelers

“We received a letter from Pastor Ray on the island. He is faithfully preaching and teaching the word of God to the people on Nukuoro. We are so grateful for him and his wife, Mercyda. They have been such a blessing to their people. He said the services are going well, and the people are attending, learning, and growing in their walk with the Lord. We will be contacting the American Embassy in Pohnpei soon to find out when the FSM government will open the borders to visitors…”