Brazil – The Douglas’

“During our church anniversary service in November, a married couple (the wife had coronavirus a few months ago) who have been faithful coming to church since the church opened last September, told us that they want to focus on Christ. They want to do the right thing and more importantly they want to be forgiving; they know that God will not bless them if they don’t forgive, but if they keep forgiving, He will pour blessings upon them.”

In addition, “For 2020 we had twelve Bible verses to memorize, one verse for each month. Praise the Lord, we had about 20 people willingly participate to memorize Bible verses. One woman memorized 9 verses and another woman memorized 11 verses out of the 12 verses we had. Both women are over 50 years old. We are immensely proud of their effort. We will continue with Bible memory verses for 2021. We only had four men participate in Bible memory last year, so we hope for more men to join this year. We had three young siblings who memorized two verses last year. We hope to have children memorize more verses this year!”


Burlington, VT – The Potters

The Potters continue on deputation and are at 71% of their needed support. They announced the arrival of their son, Nicholas Alan Potter, who was born on December 25. They plan to continue full-time deputation through May; move to Burlington in June; begin Thursday evening Bible studies in August; and launch their church plant, Queen City Baptist Church in September of 2021.


Church Planting, Furlough Relief and Maintenance – The Peelers

“The ministry in Nukuoro has grown greatly in the past two years. Pastor Ray is now assisted by the young man I was discipling on Nukuoro. Please pray that Jarson will continue to grow spiritually. …, I mentioned that he desires to receive Bible training at Ambassador Baptist Church’s Bible Institute on Pohnpei. We ask that everyone pray that God’s will would be done in his life…”

“The Bible study groups on Pohnpei are doing well, and we are getting other materials ready for their use. Several of the folks in these groups have been very faithful to help with sending supplies to Nukuoro.”


Germany – The Klaus’

The Klaus’ were in the US on furlough when COVID restrictions hit. They were delayed in returning to Germany until October.

“Upon our arrival here, I began getting up to speed on the rules and laws regarding the COVID-19 situation… We now offer a live YouTube stream online for every service, as well as a closed circuit viewing in our church kitchen. Every week I receive a list of those who will be present in the service and spend a part of Saturday organizing and assigning seating. We rotate people through the kitchen viewing area… As the Lord allows, we are able to continue as we are and have no problem seating people (or family groups) 1.5 meters apart from each other. In fact, we have had several visitors coming faithfully and also bringing other visitors. We have two ladies planning to join the church on each of the next two Sundays…”

“We have passed out Scripture calendars yearly on “All Saints Day” at the local cemeteries. This year our outreach was limited in scope, but we were still able to give out over a thousand calendars (we are allowed to put them in mailboxes as well). In December, the church was able to organize a “Christmas Shoebox” outreach for our missionary in Romania. We had hoped to get 100-130 boxes together for the poverty-stricken Gypsy villages in Romania where he ministers. Several other churches also got involved and we were able to send around 600 boxes/packages to our coworker in Romania…”


Honduras – The LeJeunes

“In October, Susie and I were in charge of the 7-10 year old Junior Church each Sunday. We had a wonderful time as we covered practical lessons from the books of Ezra and Nehemiah! …”

“Our church had some special Sundays in October including Friend Day when a young man named Erik, came as a first-time visitor! He was invited by our pastor. He was into smoking marijuana, but he chose to give it up and get on the bus to come to church, trust Christ, and get baptized that same day!…”


Hope of Africa Baptist Ministry – The Ruckmans

“…On Sunday evening, January 17th, Falls International Baptist Church unanimously voted in Brother Jeremy Holloway as their missionary-pastor beginning March 28th, 2021. This vote opens the door for Angie and I to return to our beloved Ghana and spend our lives there “preaching Christ and planting churches.” While we are thrilled to be a small part of what God has done and will do here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with our latest church-plant, we feel as if “the LORD has turned again our captivity” in allowing us to return to Africa…”

“Angie and I will begin furlough on Sunday evening, March 28th. We plan to furlough until the end of 2021. Lord willing, we will move back to Ghana on January 4, 2022…”

“The church plants in Ghana continue plodding forward despite Covid-19, national lockdowns, and mandates that directly involve church gatherings. The church in Apremdo is digging the foundation for their very own long-awaited building. The church in Agona is still waiting on the final documents to complete their purchase of land, parsonage, and a building that will be remodeled into a church… The church in Shama is still trying to locate and purchase their own land. God is also blessing the Bible Institute as we are training several prospective young church-planting pastors and ladies to serve the Lord.”


Mexico – The Ortiz’

“This year has begun with new opportunities, and we appreciate your prayers as we know that God works through them. We have reopened our four services again: two in San Miguel and two in Arandas. We also started preaching in the flea market again…”

“As far as the churches go, they both have grown during the Covid pandemic. Arandas has a bunch of young adults from the southern states of Mexico that work here for certain seasons. When work of our church reached them, around 20 of them began coming. Caleb came from Mexico City to get away from bad crowds with his wife and son. God seems to be breading him left and right to transform his life and that of his family. They have been coming faithfully for some time now. Rosy, a young, single mother who received Christ last year, has asked to get baptized soon.”

“…The church in San Miguel also has several new people. Rocio (recently abandoned by her husband) is a mother of five kids. Nuri is an ex-drug-addict who is trying to get back on her feet. Miguel and Trino are two brothers that have battled with drinking for years. Martin is an elderly divorced man who shines shoes. He almost took his own life not long ago, but has now found purpose in Christ to keep gong! I must say my shoes have never been shinier.”…

“I wanted to end mentioning something I have wanted to share but hadn’t had a chance. Many people are aware that Mexico has huge cartel problems. It is an interesting thing to live here because the longer you do the more you identify who and who are cartel members. The[y] do not hide themselves at all. Everyone know[s] who they are and they know who everyone else is. I have worked with five of them so far. Two are in church with us, and have been released from the mafia because they came to Christ. The cartel lets them go as long as they don’t owe them anything and as long as they behave. I know of two others who do owe their bosses and have been threatened with their life if they do not pay. Don’t worry though. The cartel has been no threat to us as long as we do not interfere with them. But do pray that God would continue to save people from their clutches.”


Turks & Caicos Islands – The Valles’

“2021 is a year of new beginnings and fresh starts. I have learned enough Creole now to give the Haitians a Creole-only service on Sunday mornings. I continue to praise the Lord as I communicate with them in their native tongue. I also continue to share the Gospel frequently. We continue to have many visitor(s) in both the Creole and English services…”

“Our English ministry has also been growing. Miss Stubbs, recently saved, has been attending our services regularly. Occasionally, she has friends visit her from the states, and she always bring them to church with her. One evening, a coupld of us drove over to her house to thank her for bringing her friends. I knocked on her door, and one of her friends, named Aleia, answered the door. She allowed me to share the Gospel with her and she bowed her head to trust Jesus as her Saviour. It’s amazing to think that God had her travel to Turks and Caicos so she could hear the Gospel, be saved, then go back home.”