Burlington, VT – The Potters

The Potters held their first service at Champlain Valley Baptist Church on September 26. They prepared by passing out thousands of door hangers inviting the community to church. A number of people have reached out to them as a result of the canvassing, and they are making connections. One lady who received a door hanger showed up at their Wednesday night Bible study, excited to have a new church close to her home. She invited the Potters to a cookout to share Jesus with her friends. The Lord is opening doors.


Germany – The Dukes

The Lord provided the Dukes with a container of John and Romans booklets. They have the awesome responsibility of distributing over 400,000 of these books throughout Germany now.

Before their annual Bible conference in August, a young lady, Claudia, 34 years old, without prior symptoms, died in her sleep. Claudia had faithfully attended the church for about two months before her passing. Her younger sister, Steffi, arranged for Bro. Duke to preach the funeral. This gave Bro. Duke the opportunity of telling most of Claudia’s unsaved family about the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Her lost dad, Henry, has since had a stroke which left him blind in one eye. Steffi has been a great witness to him. Please pray for the Lord to show him his need for salvation.


Lawrence, MA – The Stelzigs

“I recognize that if Community Baptist Church is going to accomplish what God has called us to do, the people of Community have to get involved in the work of the ministry and it is my job as pastor to equip them for that work. Our people are energized and have a desire to learn how to effectively reach their lost family members, co-workers, and neighbors with the gospel.

This desire in our people has led us to start an equipping time for our people on Sunday evenings in our home. It was such a blessing to see the desire of our people to learn to effectively share the gospel. They asked specific questions of how to communicate the gospel to loved ones, and we prayed together as a church for the people the Lord had burdened us to reach.

We have already seen God answering prayers and we are starting to see opportunities to witness and more visitors in our services. It’s not just Lindsey and I seeing these things. Our church people are invested in prayers and their own efforts to reach the lost for Christ. The Lord is building his church!”


Mongolia/Thailand – The Tillmans

“With Mongolia and Thailand still in lockdown, we continue to work around it the best we can. God has been good and faithful to show us how to handle this difficult situation and still accomplish His work. Our new church plant is chugging along with only 10 people allowed per meeting. But God has always filled each meeting with people hungry for the Gospel…”

“One of our church partners in Canton N.C. gave us enough funds to purchase an apartment to open a new prolife center in an unreached area of Ulaanbataar. We thank the Lord for using us to reach the lost in our prolife ministries and help in saving a few of His greatest and loved creation, people. God is sure using these centers to reach many for Christ. We thank you all for helping us in this work. We are in the process of making the purchase of the apartment now. Same as in the States it will take a little time to finish the paperwork, then we will make a report with photos. We are excited about this opportunity and praise the Lord.”

“We have been busy at the orphanage with a water pipe breaking and damaging the floor in the large room where the children sleep. While we are busy replacing the floor and pipes, we were still able to adopt two children, placing them with Mongolian families. International adoptions are halted due to covid, but we are still able to adopt to Mongolian nationals. We praise God for allowing us to find homes for two of our 38 children. Thank you for doing your part in our orphanage ministry. We also took in a new child this month as well.”

“We are overjoyed that our nephew, Tengis, was able to take a group of our church youth to the Gobi and hold church meetings with village people invited to hear the Gospel. Tengis said many people attended, hearing the Gospel for the first time…”


Papua, New Guinea – The Mullins

“Today I finished the Old Testament Survey on my PNG Radio broadcast. In going through the Minor Prophets, I was reminded how patient God is with His people…”

“From PNG, Pastor Adam Omae has recovered from his recent stroke and is planning a building project for a permanent building to replace the bush shelter that they have been meeting in.”


Spain – The Stanleys

“The church is doing very well. We have had a new visitor the last three weeks in a row. We have some that are coming that I believe are in need of something and are searching. Thankfully, we have exactly what they need. Please pray that they will listen to the voice of God.”


Turks & Caicos Islands – The Valles’

“I talked with some of the neighbors, at the parsonage, and had an opportunity to lead 2 people to Christ. Also, please pray for Dimitri. I had a great time sharing the Gospel with him as well. He was very glad to talk to me, but was not sure the Bible could be trusted, or if Jesus was even God. I had the pleasure to walk him through the Bible and show him Scripture after Scripture that proved Jesus was God, our sacrifice for sin. He listened attentively and wants to talk again. Please pray for God to work in his heart, as I have opportunities to talk with him.”

“The English ministry is growing steadily. Younger people are coming to the services, listening, and learning to apply God’s Word in their heart and life. Pray for more people to get saved, and for this ministry to continue to grow.”