Africa – The Ruckmans

“Construction is complete for the church-plants at Apremdo and Agona Nkwanta. The church building in Agona was finished in just four months. They will be moving out of the gospel tent and into their own building… Both churches are consistently seeing souls saved and added to their number. By God’s grace, we will begin constructing another church-building for a church-plant in the village of Kojokrom in February.”

Lifeline Baptist Seamen Ministry – The Muscotts

“This summer, while riding in a wooden boat up the Kaituma River away from the village of Port Kaituma, Guyana, South America, I saw a sight that has forever burned its image into my mind. As we traveled, the small tin roofed houses turned into thatched roofed huts…a normal sight in Guyana. Then, I saw it… women and young children clothed in rags living on platforms made of sticks and branches over the dirty river’s bank. “Who are these people?” I asked a national. “They are Venezuelan refugees.” came the sobering reply. The men were out in the jungle hunting or looking for any kind of hard labor to bring home enough rice for the day. I have since been begging God to let me go do something to bring them the Gospel, or to send someone else in my place! Although to my knowledge, God has not yet directly answered my prayer, He did allow us to indirectly get the Gospel to our first Venezuelan seafarers! A man and a deaf woman. Please pray for their salvation!”

Mexico – The Ortiz’

“Along with the birth of our son, we are also thrilled to announce the new birth of Isaac. We had worked with Isaac years ago and didn’t see any response. He listened but did not respond to the Gospel. When he and his family ended up going to live in Guadalajara, we recommended a church and checked in on them on and off, both visiting and calling. He contacted me last month to tell me he had great news for me. He had finally surrendered to Christ! He wanted me to know because he saw us as a big part in the process that led him to Christ…”

Netherlands – The Krehs

“We thank the Lord for all your prayers/support for the continued work here in the Netherlands. The Lord has been good, and we are being presented with new opportunities and challenges. Our main need now is that the Lord give us the necessary wisdom to find His will in all these things. The Lord has laid on my heart recently, since we have seen some new families begin attending, to go back to basics. I just started a series on the idea of the “Old Paths” from Jeremiah 6:16 and will take the church through the foundational truths of the New Testament Church. Our main desire is to see a real move of God in the hearts of the people here, from a carnal mindset to a Biblical perspective…”

North Myrtle Beach, SC – The Boyds

“…we have been meeting in a hotel conference room for most of this past year. Although the hotel employees have been wonderfully gracious to us, we were very limited in the ministries available to us because of space and access. I began to pray that God would provide another meeting place where we could have unlimited access, and God has answered that prayer as well! We have been able to rent a storefront and met there for the first Sunday of the new year. This storefront room is almost twice the size of the hotel conference room, and we have full 24/7 access to it.

Reaching Hispanics from East Tennessee – The Martinez’

“…While we wait on Cuba, our country is suffering an avalanche of immigrants… With that, we are seeing the Hispanic population grow here in East Tennessee. …our mission field is growing at a rate we can’t keep up… We plan to start a Bible institute, start training, and hopefully send forth men to help evangelize these new arrivals before they get settled into the world’s idea of living. Please pray the Lord will multiply the workers in Spanish here in the USA.”

Turks & Caicos – The Valles Family

“The other day, one of our church men called me. He asked if he could bring his family over and come spend some time with us. He normally only does that with his relatives. He asked to come over for an hour, but we ended up spending three good hours fellowshipping with him, and his family.

One of our church ladies invited her neighbor’s family to come to church, and the mom and her two kids have been attending fairly regularly.

We have other visitors who are coming more regularly, without needing to be invited, and we praise the Lord for that, because most visitors don’t come back unless invited, and or reminded to go to church.

Our songleader, Jean, has been faithful, attending, being on time and doing a great job leading songs for the morning and evening Sunday services. We praise the Lord for giving us a faithful man, who is willing to be a servant.

We are seeing spiritual growth, salvations, visitors coming and being invited by our church people, and fellowship among God’s people…”