Boston – The Stelzigs

Bro. Stelzig writes: “The last couple of months have been full of activity and excitement at Community Baptist Church. Since our last update we have seen another person saved. Tyler accepted Christ on his front porch several weeks ago and is now being discipled. The growth we have seen in Tyler’s life has been exciting. Please pray for him as he continues to grow in his walk with the Lord.

In our last letter we told you about Ericka – a young lady that Lindsey was able to lead to the Lord. Ericka has been going through discipleship with Lindsey and is growing. When we sent our last update, she had not yet attended a service because of concerns with COVID-19. However, she has now been attending faithfully for several weeks and has jumped right into serving at Community. It has been a blessing to watch Ericka grow.

On August 16, we had our “Grand Opening” service. We had 26 in attendance, 7 of which were first time visitors. We have been averaging around 15 for our Sunday services. We praise the Lord that some of the people for which we have been praying attended the service and heard a clear presentation of the gospel. Please pray the Lord would use the message they heard to show them their need of salvation.”


Colorado Springs – The Francinis

Bro. Francini writes: “…God has swung the doors wide open here in the last several years. The jail ministry has been shut down since May. However, my chaplaincy with the city police is running wide open. My wife is an assistant chaplain and now has a ministry reaching the wives and children of the officers. We were able to take part in an event where I was able to give an encouraging “devotional” to families and officers and I spoke about ‘GOD is the one providing peace, and how we must have HIM.’ I also give around 60-70 hours a month to visiting, praying, riding, and being present with our officers. It has paid off in making relationships; however, no one has been saved to my knowledge, as of yet. But questions are being asked now, and twice we were able to put materials in the mailboxes of the officers that have a CLEAR presentation of the gospel. The first time we reached 200 officers and now this last time over 700…”


Cuba – The Martinez Family

Bro. Martinez writes: “The ministry in Cuba is much like the ones here. They are standing still. Groups are not allowed to meet and therefore, the pastors are only able to minister via telephone…

Just weeks before the pandemic hit, we sought out a part time job to help build the Cuba fund. Little did we know that this was all part of God’s great plan. As we wrote in our last letter, we have been canvasing the area of Knoxville, TN. We had seen a few Spanish people in the area but thought the number was quite low. However, through this part time job, the Lord allowed us to meet a growing population of Hispanics. A dear friend in Chilhowie, VA was able to bless our ministry with a small shuttle bus at a small price. One of our supporting churches heard about the blessing and bought the bus for us. This same church, New Fairview Baptist Church, also partnered with us with a program called The Amherst Project. This ministry provides school backpacks filled with needed school supplies as well as the Word of God for school children that reside in the mobile home community. Each parent received an invitation to the new Bible Study. This park has approximately a 40% population of Spanish speaking residents.

We just can’t praise the Lord enough for the blessings he has given us in such difficult times. We have been so well received in this community and encouraged by this group; two of them have already offered their homes for a Bible study. We know God makes no mistakes and all this pandemic and part time job was just part of his plan for us. In the meantime, the park manager said as soon as possible we can meet in the clubhouse for our Bible studies. Since that door is on pause, the manager said to feel free to meet at the gazebo or anywhere outside in the park for our studies. We plan to start at the end of this month…”


Mongolia/Thailand – The Tillmans

Bro. Mitch writes: “This past month our nephew, Tengis, carried a group of young people to Harbor’s Gobi hospital to spend one week of Gospel camp. This was a group of 11 teens that had never heard the name of Jesus. Imagine that. People that have never heard His name. That is difficult for us to understand. These teens are ones that attend our English teaching classes that Tengis and our other young believers that help him teach. They are taken out to the village where the hospital is located for games and sports and two times per day Bible study. Some do not understand, and some believe. Our prayer request is that God will open the hearts of the ones that hear and that they will believe in Christ and receive Him and the Gospel. Also pray that this will become a regular ministry for our church members to become a part of.

Even though we are working in Mongolia and Thailand as well, under strict virus quarantine rules, God is still growing our ministry. This past month we were blessed to be able to purchase, at a very low price, a 4D ultrasound machine for our pro-life works. It was supplied to us by James Sheffler with Innovative Imaging Technology. It is a very good machine and will play a big role in reaching souls and saving God’s greatest creation, unborn babies…”


Netherlands – The Krehs

Bro. Kreh writes: “One of the biggest praises I can give this month is about a man who started visiting the church about 2 months ago. His first service was a Wednesday night Bible study. When he attended with another visitor, he reeked of alcohol. We greeted him and he was very attentive to the study and had many questions after the service. After speaking with him for over an hour about the gospel and how to be saved, he said he “wasn’t ready.” The next Sunday after service, one of our folks spoke with him about the gospel and then handed him back off to me to speak with him again about the gospel…and he still wasn’t ready.” This went on for a few more weeks with someone talking with him about the gospel. After a hard message on the gospel 2 weeks ago and the reality of Hell, someone followed him outside after service to speak with him; they came back in 20 minutes later with the news that he had just trusted the Lord as his personal Savior. We were all so joyful that he had finally humbled himself before God and trusted Christ alone to save him. Today I started discipleship with him, and he did not smell of alcohol and he testified to me the Lord had helped him stop drinking. Can hardly get a testimony like that from someone saved 20 years, let alone 2 weeks. GLORY TO GOD!!! He will be baptized on Sunday.”


Romania – The Lawrences

Bro. Lawrence writes: “For more than a year we began to sense that our time in Romania and our work as missionaries here may be coming to an end.”

After seeking the wise council of trusted brothers in Christ and after much prayer, Bro. Lawrence and his wife have come to understand that it is now time for them to leave the field and they are preparing to return (to the States) this year, the Lord willing.

“The Lord quite suddenly brought us a buyer for our house…I hope to have everything squared away with the sale of the house and the ministry here in Romania in 2 months or less and then I will return to be with my wife in Denison. Bro. Ruben is remaining as pastor of the church in Sanmihaiu… Bro. Piripi and his wife are continuing to work in the children’s ministry… Bro. Ruben and his father are praying about starting a Bible Institute in Sanmihaiu…The group of believers in Cluj has diminished…”

Bro. Lawrence and his coworkers have covered 21 villages and communities with John and Romans, tracts and some Bibles. He praises the Lord for the outreach opportunities he has had there and trusts the Lord to work in the hearts of the people who have received the information which has been distributed.


South Africa – The Fosters

Bro. Foster reported on the effects of COVID on the school in South Africa and on their community in general. He writes:

“During lockdown, I focused on writing Bible lessons from Proverbs, which I encouraged students to do with their parents. Also, additional lessons for reading were prepared on David Livingstone and Ida Scudder, with an emphasis on missionaries giving out the gospel in hopes to inspire students to do missionary work. GHCS is a major avenue for the spread of the gospel into the lives of families as we see students come to Christ each and every year.

…it was a real challenge to find ways to teach kids with some also not having good access to internet. Messages were sent out via text message and audio recordings were sent. And, data had to be bought for some families who had none. Parents picked up materials and lessons at school for children to do at home.

Police threatened arrest for people leaving home to anything but shop for food or go to the doctor. I even called the police station asking if I could deliver food to a family in need and they said “No” because I wasn’t an approved essential service provider… Sad! …

The government has mandated masks. We as a school face being closed down if teachers and students do not wear masks at all times (unless eating or drinking). We are doing our best to obey those in authority.

Teachers find it a challenge to teach with a mask on and it is sometimes hard to hear what students are saying. Regardless, we do want to do everything we can to minister to the families in our area and be considerate and respectful of others. So, we have taken every measure we can to avoid the spread of germs.”


Spain – The Stanleys

Bro. Stanley writes: “Things here have been kind of crazy, but we thank God that He has kept us safe and led us through it all. The past 2 months have been exciting in our ministry. We are thankful that we’ve been able to continue meeting together for church. The ladies have been able to continue their Friday evening Bible study and we have also started a new ministry during this summer. The men of the church have begun taking food, water, and tracts to different homeless people in communities around our area every week. We have had several people state that they will be coming (out to church) so we are praying that they will visit…

In June, the church had its first baptism and also celebrated its one-year anniversary service in which we had a high of 28 (in attendance) with 11 first time visitors. What exciting days for our church! We are very grateful for the opportunities we have to serve here. A couple weeks ago our church had a special music Sunday and that was fun and exciting to work with and see the awesome talent the Lord has placed in our church amongst the members.”


Turks and Caicos Islands – The Valles

Conditions on Turks and Caicos keep changing as the COVID virus numbers rise. The government has once again restricted numbers for gatherings, limiting it to ten people in church attendance. People are not wanting to follow the imposed rules. Despite the regulations, Bro. Valles is having seven services a week to accommodate the members and the members have been faithful.

In addition, because the economy of Turks and Caicos relies heavily on tourism, many of the people are without jobs due to COVID restrictions. Please pray that things will open up so that mass poverty doesn’t lead to despair.